A little over a week ago, Marigot has seen large black & white portraits exposed in the streets.

These fabulous prints are the work of 5 photographers Steph Déziles, Nathalie Beaurain, Pauline Rebin et Glanny Baloula and Ismââ Sidi-Ikhlef.






It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the work of these local artists and to recognize the diversity in the St Martin Culture. From locals – born and raised on the island – to the “newcomers” – when some have been living on the island many years – the young and the old, from a diverse cultural background; these are the people that make St Martin and Sint Maartin a truly unique place on earth.

This small territory – the smallest island in the world to be separated into 2 countries – is home to thousands of people coming together under the sun. The friendly island, as it is usually referred as, has had a tumultuous history as countries fought to gain control of this strategically placed island. The mix of the many cultures, languages and backgrounds has shaped St Martin into the island it is now.






In total, 43 photos were printed and shown in various parts of Marigot, the  Capital of French Side St Martin.

We shall hope that this project will be re-edited next year with more Photos and Photographers participating for the pleasure of tourists and locals alike.





Photos – St Martin’s Week

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