Now is the best time to come to St Martin and experience the island as it was 30 years ago.

Hurricane Irma has changed a lot of things for St Martin and their residents. But in the wake of such an event, not everything that comes out of it is bad. The sense of community has been heightened, getting to know your neighborhood, your neighbors has been made easy – the true sense of The friendly Island comes to life.

The many reports that one reads on the internet are contradictory and some are even at this time alarming about the state of the island.

Mullet Bay Post Irma

St Martin is on its way to recovery. The clean-up process is ongoing and the island is looking better every day.

The gas stations and supermarkets are open, every day we see new restaurants welcoming guests and activities are starting again.

Join us on St Martin to remember the Caribbean of the late 1980s. When the beaches were wild and unchartered territory, when the people at the table next to yours will invite you to drinks at their villa the next evening to get to know you, when your kids will make new friends on the beach, when they don’t even speak the same language.

So, we ask you, is now the right time to book your next vacation to St Martin ? I firmly believe that yes, now is the perfect time for a St Martin vacation! We are waiting for you and happy to welcome you to our -still- beautiful and proud Island! #sxmstrong


Upcoming Event: Heineken Regatta March 2nd to 4th, 2018



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