While on a trip to St Martin, there are many small pleasures to be found. We have compiled a list of our favorites

  • Sandy toes, salty skin and a sun kissed tan
  • Still warm baguette from the bakery along with just out of the oven croissants and pains au chocolat
  • The boat ride over to Pinel
  • That first wave of heat as you step off the plane
  • The delicious food found everywhere, from the Lolo’s to the Gourmet Restaurants
  • Seeing your kids’ smiles while they play in the pool or in the ocean
  • The laid back notion of time…
  • The long, white, sandy beaches
  • Watching the sunset
  • Buying freshly caught fish at the fish market in Marigot and local fruits from the Doudous
  • Tasting the numerous kinds of flavored rums
  • Fresh off the grill lobsters…
  • The first jump in the pool
  • That heavenly dessert that you just can’t wait to order
  • Leisurely walks on the beach with your love ones with the gentle waves trying to wet your feet
  • Swimming with the colorful fishes or even better yet, swimming with dolphins in Tintamarre
  • Watching your private chef cook at the villa while sipping on a glass of chilled wine
  • An ice cold beer with a perfect rack of ribs on the beach
  • Real coconut water, in a coconut!
  • Watching a plane land in Princess Juliana International Airport from the Sunset Beach Bar and hearing the conversation between the tower and the pilots

What are some of your favorites?

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